Welcome to the Mendota MGP Environmental Cleanup Project Website

Nicor Gas and ComEd are providing this website as a means of keeping the community informed about environmental investigation and cleanup activities of the Mendota former manufactured gas plant (MGP) Environmental Cleanup Project.

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Nicor Gas and ComEd (the Utilities) are conducting an environmental cleanup project at the location of a former MGP in Mendota, Illinois. From 1875 until 1941 the MGP manufactured gas from coal, coke and/or oil to serve the community’s energy needs. The Mendota MGP was located at 501 9th Avenue in Mendota, Illinois, on property currently owned by The Black Bros. Co.

Supplies of natural gas were not always available in Illinois. Prior to the mid-1900s, MGPs provided gas for lighting, cooking, heating and industrial applications. When natural gas became available, the MGPs closed and tar and other residuals were commonly left at the production sites. (Click here for more information about MGPs.)

The goal of the Mendota MGP Environmental Cleanup Project is to bring the property up to current environmental standards. (Click here for more information about current activites.)

The Utilities have a program in place to address the residuals from the gas manufacturing process. Engineering firms performed environmental studies in areas where historical maps indicated remnants of the gas plant structures might remain below ground. The studies identified MGP-related residuals including tar. The community’s drinking water supply is not affected because its drinking water comes from deep wells. The project is being conducted in cooperation with, and with oversight by, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (Illinois EPA) through its voluntary Site Remediation Program (SRP). Through the SRP, the Illinois EPA reviews and approves the cleanup work. (Click here for more information about the details of the Mendota MGP.)

This website will be updated as we achieve certain cleanup milestones.

 Mendota MGP Location