Welcome to the Mendota MGP Environmental Cleanup Project Website

Nicor Gas and ComEd are providing this website as a means of keeping the community informed about environmental investigation and cleanup activities of the Mendota former manufactured gas plant (MGP) Environmental Cleanup Project.

Nicor Gas and ComEd have completed the environmental cleanup project in Mendota, Illinois. The Mendota former manufactured gas plant (MGP) was located at 501 9th Avenue in Mendota, Illinois.

The project has been performed in cooperation with, and with oversight by, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (Illinois EPA) through its voluntary Site Remediation Program. Soil exceeding Illinois EPA standards was excavated, loaded into trucks and disposed of at a licensed waste disposal facility. The excavation was then backfilled with clean materials and the property restored.

Nicor Gas and ComEd thank The Black Bros. Co., the City of Mendota and all our neighbors for their assistance, support and cooperation throughout this project.